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4. Biological Limitations

It is natural for species to be selfish, yet despite a common thread of selfishness, ecosystems that exclude or do not have humans as the dominating species are able to thrive, without significant gains or losses to any specific species. Despite our shared selfish nature with all species, we are the only species unable to maintain a relative equilibrium amoung other species within any environment.

Equilibrium between species within an environment is maintained by limitations. Every species has a plethora of limitations to its growth and dominance. Those limitations may be intellectual abilities, physical capabilities, geography, diet, predation or disease. Despite the selfish nature of all species, it is the limitations that ensure a co-operative and inter-dependant survival between different species within a common environment. If any species is able to overcome its limitations, it gains a significant advantage and the more limitations that are overcome; the more its chances for survival improve, as does its dominance over other species.

Before humans, no species have ever been able to overcome the host of limitations they faced, even the most dominant species were still plagued by a variety of limitations. Humans are no longer bound by the variety of limitations other species endure. Predations is no longer a factor as we have topped all food chains; we are not limited by geography as we can pillage the oceans, the jungles, the desserts and mountains; disease has become somewhat negligible as modern medicine is able to prolong the life of most diseased patients; our intellectual abilities supersede that of all other life on Planet Earth; we have manipulated plants and animals to feed us constantly and consistently throughout each year; our intellect allows us to overcome our physical limitations through the design of machines to fulfill an objective that our physical bodies could not previously achieve, indeed the only limitations that remain are each other and to what extent our growth can be limited by a physically finite planet. Due to overcoming our limitations, we no longer have any barriers to keep us harmonized and in relative equilibrium with other species.

We are unable to collectively realize that we have become the bullies of Planet Earth, motivated by our ongoing selfish nature. We are the spoilt and indulged species, oblivious to our own impact and not concerned with anything else besides our selfish desires. If we are to alleviate and curb our destructive path, we are left with two choices – either we enforce limitations to our growth or we evolve, replacing our selfishness with a more compassionate nature.

Proposed notions to curb our destructive patterns are to impose limitations through new laws, such as granting equal rights to all species or strict population control. Whilst great in theory, the implementation of equal interspecies rights is questioned, as we can barely adhere to the stipulations within human rights, let alone dealing with the conflicts bound to arise through granting equal interspecies rights. Population control, whilst it may provide a temporary ease to our destruction, long term, it will prove to be ineffective as the number of humans is secondary to the way humans consume and live. A relatively small population living in an urbanized environment seeking to satisfy their needs and desires is more destructive than a large population of humans seeking to fulfill their primitive needs within a rural or nature-surrounded environment. Even if such laws were processed and emplaced, the population would only abide if they garnered a greater sense of compassion and equal servicing to the needs of other species over their own. Regardless of limitations being imposed by laws, we will undoubtedly have to rid ourselves of our selfish nature, changing and evolving to become the most compassionate species existing on Planet Earth.

Selfishness had its place within our nature when we were still constrained by the many limitations within a natural environment. In order for us to cease our destructive path we will have to become more compassionate towards each other and other species, forgoing the desires to exploit, control and manipulate the environment and other species for human and personal benefit.

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