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1000 km



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Project 1000 is an adventure series, running & cycling 1000 km per country, dedicated towards highlighting the critically endangered species of each country, the causes behind each species demise & the possible solutions to bring each species back from decline.

Project 1000: South Africa will have the team adventure travelling West from Upington, through the Northern Cape and eventually turning South, falling the West Coast of South Africa, heading for final destination in Cape Town.

South Africa’s Critically Endangered Species

Reptiles – Geometric Tortoise. Hawksbill Turtle. Smith’s Dwarf Chameleon

Amphibians –  Amatola Toad. Cape Flats Frog. Pickergill’s Reed Frog. Table Mountain Ghost Frog

Aves – White Headed Vulture. White Winged Fluff Tail. Hooded Vulture. White Backed Vulture. Cape Parrot

Fish – Southern Bluefin Tuna. Estuarine Bluefish. Burchells Redfin. Large Tooth Sawfish. Green Sawfish. Seventy-four Bream. Eight Gilled Hagfish. Ornate Sleeper Ray. Coelacanth. Clanwilliam Sandfish. Twee River Redfin. Southern Kneria. Dageraad

Mammals – Black Rhino. De Wintons Golden Mole. Riverine Rabbit


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