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Building the ocean crossing pedal boat ‘Vaquita’

Deciding to cross an ocean by means of only human powered propulsion beckoned the call of how to do so? The most popular option being an ocean crossing rowboat, but the more I sat with the idea of rowing across an ocean, the more I felt that whilst it may get me across an ocean it is not the most ef...

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1. Environmentalism

Humankind has forgotten that we are animals, animals bound by shared common basic needs on which all life on Planet Earth depend. The needs of fresh water, healthy food, a stable environment to exist and the ability to live free without exploitation, cruelty, central control and unnecessary sufferin...

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2. Extinction

Life on Earth is experiencing the Holocene Extinction or more popularly termed The Sixth Extinction. The Sixth Extinction, a preferred label, as it clarifies that this is not the first extinction, rather it is the 6th recorded period of history where many species are disappearing since the beginning...

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3. Selfish Species

To be the first documented species in all of known history to be causing the mass extinction of other species, eliminates any reasonable doubt of our disastrous and destructive impact. To be awarded ‘Earth’s most destructive species’, especially noting that we only featured relatively recently...

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4. Biological Limitations

It is natural for species to be selfish, yet despite a common thread of selfishness, ecosystems that exclude or do not have humans as the dominating species are able to thrive, without significant gains or losses to any specific species. Despite our shared selfish nature with all species, we are the...

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5. Civilisation

Our destructive path could not be as amplified and far-reaching, without the penultimate system of human destruction – Civilization. Civilisation consists of the urbanized society that is self-governed by its own systems. It is the resulting social structure created by a species that only applies ...

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6. Conscious Consumerism

All systems that require civilisation as a foundation are inherently destructive and unsustaining – including consumerism. At a loss for any solutions to our destructive impact, many avenues are proposed, but of all the most blindly believed notions to be adopted is that of conscious consumerism. ...

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7. Lie Of The Green Promise

Worldwide the trend continues to grow, pushing for renewable energy and moving away from the archaic coal and oil based energy systems. There appears to be an overwhelming consensus to shift our dependence for energy to a new, improved and more sustainable source. The promise of renewable energy see...

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8. Control

Possibly the greatest mistake humankind ever made was the decision of domestication, spurred by the desire to control our environment. It was domestication that lead us onto our current path of nature degradation and destruction, along with a host of other social issues. Without domestication, the i...

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9. Technological Hope

The expansion of civilisation has lead to gigantic leaps in modern technological breakthroughs and advancements. Modern technology has become the ‘fix it’ method for all of the greatest issues plaguing humankind and Planet Earth. We naively invest hope that technology will solve every issue. Our...

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