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10. Inability To Act & Accept

Human induced environmental destruction and mass species extinction, whilst it may have become a greater trend within the passed decade, small pockets of society have been calling on better environmental practices and improved methods for a co-existence between humans and nature for centuries. It ap...

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11. Population Control

Population control, a relatively taboo and controversial topic, is widely viewed as an effective method for alleviating the stresses on Planet Earth, caused by humankind’s destructive impact. The proposed avenue of mass culling of the human species is not only an anti-humankind approach but also p...

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Low Energy From Eating Plants

The connation that plant-based foods are inferior to processed and animal-based food is due to two misunderstood ideas. 1) Output energy is dependent on input fuel ‘density’, meaning the higher caloric value, the more energy we will have 2) Feeling energized is due to food intake, meaning feelin...

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Some Humans Are Meant To Eat Meat

Its common sense, to know that all buffalo eat the same diet, no one looks at one buffalo and says ‘ok, that buffalo eats meat and that buffalo to its right eats grass and the other buffalo, behind the meat eating buffalo, eats fruit’. There is a reason biological classifications exist, both for...

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Nutrient Deficiencies From Eating Plants

Where do you get your nutrients? The simple answer: Nutrient deficiencies are not caused by a lack of nutrients in the foods we eat, but rather because the body doesn’t understand the nutrients within the foods eaten. Meaning we can eat all the nutrients required by the body, but if the body d...

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Humans Have Evolved To Eat Meat

Of course, most of the comments and skeptism towards anything that results in a change or shift will undoubtedly be met with resistance, excuses and reasons why not to change or shift – it’s the stubbornness, not of human nature, but of the ego present within each human. Often an argument is put...

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Eating Humanely Raised Animals

The fact that people are bringing up the concern of eating humanely raised, grass-fed, free-range, factory-farm-free, organic animals is a step closer to embracing the much needed change within modern agriculture. Humans are starting to take note of the horrific cruelty and exploitation inflicted on...

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The Protein Myth

Where do you get your protein? Due to influence of industry (any field relative to food – businesses, scientific studies, practitioners etc.) no longer are we sold food in its whole form, it has been broken down into its parts, classified in its macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fat) &...

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The Power Of Compassion

I initially emerged from the Amazon with feelings of personal admiration, crediting my survival to my vegan diet, mental strategy and resilient nature. I felt as though the story of survival was my own and that I had survived as a result of what I did, what I internalized and what I ate. I used what...

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Thank You

It has been just under two months since I was shot whilst kayaking down the Amazon River and I have finally been given the all clear by doctors to resume my old lifestyle. After two months of no exercise or any forms of strenuous activity, the doctor’s go ahead could not have come sooner. I too...

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