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Rise To The Challenge

After 1.5 weeks of waiting for my kayak to clear customs, I finally acquired the foldable kayak and departed from Lima to begin paddling. A 2 day bus ride was the last hurdle before I reached my paddling point, Kiteni. En route to Kiteni I met an inspiring, elderly German couple. 12 years ago the...

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Stage 2 – Finding Adventure

Finally, I completed what seemed like the longest, toughest cycling I have done yet. On paper the estimated 800km of cycling should have been a breeze! From the get go I was cycling at over 3400m above sea level, peaking at an estimated 4500 meters. However it wasn’t the altitude that made the ...

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Lima & Positive Reinforcements

Well the flight into Peru was rather chaotic. I was heavily over weight for the flight (20kg’s). Fortunately I had my support system (mom, girlfriend and brother) there helping me out, and most fortunate of all were my moms tears that seemed to strike sympathy in the check in clerks heart and I wa...

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Progress & Success

It is a great weight off ones shoulders to know that the Amazon Source to Sea project is fully financially backed… The biggest ‘pre adventure’ goal is receiving sponsorship and financial means to achieve such a notable project. Sponsors, ideally want guaranteed exposure – personally I ...

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Amazon Prepartion

This past week had me participating in what some deem as the worlds greatest cycling race ‘The Cape Argus’ – 106km race around Cape Town, through breathtaking scenery and a few tough climbs. Going into the event pretty green, in terms of road cycling, I managed to complete the cycle in 5 ...

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